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Six Things We Learned in 2016

2016 has been a truly unique year. It's virtually un-comparable to any other year we've lived through. But what lessons have we learned about the world, and humanity, in 2016? Here are six things we all learned in this peculiar year.

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#1 Hate and fear drives the masses

Donald Trump

With a few major decisions being made in the world this year, we've had an opportunity to see what the millions think. Democracy allows us all to have a say on what happens in the western world, but sometimes you have to ask if it's really for the best. Political campaigns forcing blatantly racist statements, ridiculous lies and unsolicited hatred drove majority percentages to vote on fear and intolerance alone. The newspapers and media filled the world with awful garbage that no sane person would ever want to publish, and the sheep lapped it up. Now, with Britain leaving the EU because of "immigrants" and Trump building walls and pondering Nazi like camps for foreigners of the US, we can truly see what dark truths lie in the hearts of so many people. Pure, primitive hatred.

#2 Even the famous aren't immune

This year has truly taken a toll on our celebrities and idols. An unprecedented amount of the worlds hollywood and musical legends have been taken from us. Despite the enhanced healthcare and support the wealthy can seek, it seems that no amount of money can really guarantee your life against the cruelest of illnesses and afflictions. If we should learn anything from this, it is that nobody is overly privileged when it comes to beating the dreaded diseases and ailments that have few cures and treatments. Sure, money can buy you more time generally, but only if you can dodge these difficult to cure afflictions. When we are all eating the same chemical filled foods and breathing the smoggy city air, what can you honestly expect?

#3 Animal rights are changing


You probably know where we're going with this one. The world over mourned at the plight of Harambe, the zoo enclosed Gorilla who was shot dead after he got his hands on a child who had fallen into his enclosure. Stirring huge arguments about the responsibilities of the parents, the morality and behaviour of zoos, and whether or not Harambe was trying to protect the child, this one animal has changed the way much of humanity looks at our close relatives. For months the Internet was gripped with the passing of Harambe, and his legacy will live on for decades to come. Now if we could just apply that same level of profound emotion to the millions of animals killed unfairly each year, we may just change the world for the better.

#4 Mental health is still massively misunderstood

Although illnesses like depression, anxiety and low mood have been around for many years, we are slowly seeing more of it as the world finally begins to acknowledge just how massive the toll of these illnesses really is. In the western world, depression is one of the biggest killers of the younger generations. With the bleak outlook in this post recession world, life has only become harder for the majority of younger people. We are finally starting to realise just how little we know about these illnesses and what causes them. We are understanding, however, the scale and severity of the issue. the pain and scars may not be visible, but finally we are realising how real the pain is. Medical science still has a long way to go in the field, but with awareness comes growth.

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#5 Memes are still very much alive

Triggered meme

Kermit and Pepe are rolling in it. Many feared the supply of fresh new memes would slowly dry up and we would begin to lose possibly the greatest thing that's come out of the 2010s. Thankfully this horrible idea is nothing more than a bit of rubbish creepypasta! So rejoice as the Internet continues to feed our addiction with the latest classical art, caveman Spongebob and Arthur memes. Be good to us 2017, we've all been through a lot. With all that's going on in the world, sometimes a good meme is all that keeps us sane.

#6 Everyone gets offended too easily

It has well and truly been a year of political correctness. Check your privilege!!! It's getting tough to even talk in public or comment on a Facebook post without triggering somebody. The Internet has more keyboard warriors than ever before. Special snowflake syndrome is becoming a real thing. People are becoming afraid of talking to certain people, or sharing a little banter with some mates. We truly hope this is a trend that begins to die down a little in the next year, as getting sued is really not our idea of fun and freedom of speech needs to remain at the top of our rights. Believe it or not, people are allowed to have a different opinion to you. Leave them be eh? Variety is the spice of life ;-)

Bonus: Your real friends are few, but priceless

Finally, if there was one personal lesson to take from 2016, it's this: Screw up or go through a rough patch and watch all the fake "sunny day" friends run a mile. In this world there are very few people you can call true friends. You probably won't know who they are until you really mess things up. All the users and fakes will soon dump you in the mess once you make a mistake, and you'll be left with a small group of great people who will stand by you through thick and thin. Screw the others, they're almost always the same type of shallow gossipy nobodies who aren't of any real value to you. Find your closest mates and never let go!

We hope 2016 has been an amazing and life changing year for you despite its twists and turns. But thank f*** it's finally over! If you enjoyed this article please share it with your friends. Here's to a brilliant 2017. Happy New Year y'all!