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Generation 2 Pokémon Evidence Found in Latest Pokémon Go Game Data

Ever since its release, countless rumours and guesses about the appearance of second generation Pokémon in the mobile game have circulated the Internet endlessly. Finally, we have our first solid evidence that they will be appearing in the future! And yes, that includes Ditto!

The latest version of Pokémon Go has just hit the Play and App stores, and fans have already stripped the APK down to browse the game code and find clues in the master file. This latest release includes a few very welcome features, of which a mechanism to prevent gym poaching is one of them. Now, upon defeating an opponents gym, you are presented with a short window of time to place your Pokémon in the gym before any other player can. The game also presents you with a daily bonus for each day you log in and spin a Pokéstop, and catch a Pokémon.

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Browsing further into the file revealed much more new and previously unseen data. There are 100 new Pokémon referenced in the game file, starting at 152, Chikorita and ending at 251, Celebi. However it seems they won't be popping up on your map just yet, as they currently have no moveset data and are not actively coded into the game. A further update will be required before you will see them. Even though you can't catch them just yet, this is solid evidence that Niantic intends to have the second generation appearing in-game soon.

Generation 2 Pokemon soon to appear in Pokemon Go

What's more, for the first time, game code for Ditto has been found. It seems that coding for Ditto may also be incomplete at this time, as it is currently programmed with just one move, "struggle". However, separate code for a new move has been found elsewhere in the file that relates specifically to Ditto.

"Transform" is a brand new move unseen in the game. It already features a transformation animation and appears to be a quick move, so no charging up blue bars will be required. It is expected this move will allow Ditto to transform into its rival and possibly copy their moveset. It is likely that you'll be seeing Ditto in the game in the near future, along with 100 new Gen 2 Pokémon.

Changes in-game now give you a bonus every day you log in. Bonuses for your first Pokéstop spin of the day, and first Pokémon catch encourage you to get catching every day, with another bonus if you log in for seven consecutive days. Bonuses of 600 extra stardust and 500 experience points (XP) are given for your first catch of the day, and for your first Pokéstop of the day you'll receive extra items as well as an extra 500 XP. On your seventh day, you'll be awarded 2000 XP and 2400 stardust on top of the regular bonus, with the Pokéstop bonus rising to 2500 XP. Gym ownership has also shifted. You'll be given a short opportunity to claim a gym you've just defeated without it being poached from you by another nearby player. Gyms will now be slightly easier to defeat, and slightly harder to level up.

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With such a large amount of new and exciting data added, there is no doubt that big changes will be coming to Pokémon Go soon. With each new update we may see Gen 2 Pokémon appear, and perhaps it won't be too long before we see code for trainer battling or trading appearing in-game. Happy hunting!

Written 08th Nov 2016.