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Pokémon Go - the 25km Egg

In this article we look at one of the most persistent and argued about rumours in the Pokémon Go world.... The 25k egg.

Since just a few weeks after Pokémon Go was released back in July, the 25k egg rumour has quickly grown and become somewhat widespread. Despite this, there appears to be no official word about such an egg in the game. We decided to do a little research into how this started and what evidence exists to support these rumours.

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So asides from a couple of Reddit posts and the occasional comment here and there, the only other real talk about this egg are a few YouTube videos in which some "hackers" talk about supposedly finding the code for a 25k egg in the game master file. Having watched some of these videos, the continuity and accuracy of the videos quickly seems to degrade their stories. Several of the videos actually state that they are fake in the comments. One video in which the guy shows us his 25k egg has a major flaw in that as he walks and adds distance to the egg, a 10k egg beside it shows inconsistent and varying distances compared to the 25k egg. As he gains 6km on his 25k egg, the 10k beside it only appears to gain 4km. Seeing as it is not possible to "pause" or remove an egg from incubation once started, there is no passable reason as to why this happened. It's also interesting that he somehow never gets enough steps in to actually hatch this egg.

A screengrab of a YouTube video that claims a 25km egg exists in Pokémon Go

While some people claim to have discovered the 25km eggs code in the games core coding, others who have mined the code report that no such entity exists. Many of the people claiming to have found this struggle to explain where it is, cannot show any evidence of it, or have later admitted it was fake. Most likely, these YouTube videos are purely made to generate some ad revenue as they are all conveniently monetized.

There has also been a smaller version of the rumour in which that the 25k egg supposedly hatches into Two 10k and One 5k eggs, however this is extremely illogical as it would effectively make the player walk double the distance for each of the eggs. Why on earth would Niantic force you to walk a whole 25 Kilometers to then have to walk a further 25 in order to hatch the same eggs that we have been hatching for months?

Of course it is totally feasible that Niantic may use such eggs to introduce the Pokémon not currently in the game (Ditto, Mewtwo etc) at some time. It's probably even quite likely that legendary Pokémon will appear this way. Maybe they'll even start introducing second and above generation Pokémon through eggs. The future is exciting!

So, after our research and study into this, we have decided that at this time, the 25km egg is nothing but a faked up rumour. However, this does not mean that such an egg won't be created in the future. Perhaps in 2017 we really will be hatching legendary Pokémon from long distance eggs. But right now? It seems not!

Thank you for reading! We will be back with more Pokémon Go related stories in the future. Happy Hunting!