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Vmet sexuality controller for AIs - First Glimpse

After over five years of development, the Vervain operating team are proud to announce their first fully functioning, proof of concept sexuality controller. Designed to replace the poorly built, buggy software shipped with most AIs, "Vmet" gives you advanced controls over the many aspects of sexuality aboard your AI. With extensive linking features, emotional ties and deep feelings, fully emulated feelings of lust and love can be seamlessly integrated into the primary emotion channels.

Vmet sexuality controller screengrab

Vmet is designed to be easily configured in a shell environment. With clear and easy settings, all users should comfortably be able to set up Vmet with minimal effort. Once running, Vmet continues working in the background and generally never needs to be looked at again. Many of its features can be controlled directly from your system controllers interface. Existing attractions and preference files are used by Vmet to automatically set behaviours to the correct manner for romantic and sexual situations. Smoother, faster responses bring your AI the most human-like behaviours possible. With no lag and freeze, the classic awkward silence situations so common with AIs is fading into the past.

While still in alpha testing, Vmet has been extensively tested on the Vervain operating group live AI system. Through a variety of tests and relationships, the software has performed exceptionally. With complete and fully functioning integration on our native FHG system controller, beta versions are under development for other common AI controllers. Upon release, a test group will be invited to install and run Vmet in place of their supplied sexuality controller. Testing systems will supply feedback information to allow our development team to perform tweaks for a full, public release.

Vmet sexuality controller is expected to release under beta in 2017.