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Root Access

14th March 2018

They often say that we only use a small portion of our brains. That there are complete systems totally idle and redundant up there, because we've either lost the ability to use them or simply because we no longer need them. There's also so much going on up there that we never get to see. Our brains just "work", with no settings, options or debugging consoles. What if we, like the iPhone, have been locked down, so that we can only make use of certain features? What if our programmers and overlords have given us restrictions on the hardware we run on, to keep us from doing anything too enlightening or dangerous?

Linux console displaying an error due to not having root privileges

It's no secret that I only tend to write when things have gone really wrong up there for me. It used to be a daily thing, then I changed my environment and things got a lot better. Then recently it's come back with quite a vengeance. It seems although I can't change the way the code runs, I can change the environment in which it runs in.

People start getting worried and want to clamp down on my movements when I get like this. They think I'm going to start hurting myself or maybe even try to terminate altogether. In reality I've never done that, and even when I've thought of it, there's no possible way my head would ever actually allow it to happen. To have that level of privilege, I'd need root access. Sure, I can think about it, but I can't ever execute it. I can get as far as setting the situation up, yet cannot ever actually go through. Can't even get close.

Seems that in this case, being a "standard user" of my own hardware is quite a good thing. I can't do anything seriously dangerous to the system. It even goes to steer my actions and choices using clever little functions like fear and distrust. It even has a hypochondria feature to keep the biological side in check. Nifty little features, hey?

So it would seem, maybe jailbreaking the brain would be catastrophic. I can't help but wonder though, what would it be like if we weren't governed by all these features that keep us on the straight and narrow (for the most part). What would it be like to never be fearful of insignificant things, like what our peers think and the burn of a failed project or business. What if we could just be allowed to fully follow our instincts, unhampered by these little regulatory processes that are so engrained into us. It could be amazing, or maybe it could just be a quick route to extinction. I'm sure that telepathy thing they say is in there would be a barrel of laughs though.

For me, it seems the time has once again come to begin the long and arduous process of changing the world around me. It'd kind of be nicer and easier to just adapt to what is here, but I guess life wasn't designed to be simple. So what projects will come next? What locations, hobbies and people will fit into VervainOS, my incredibly stock system with zero root privileges. I'll try to keep you posted.