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Vervain's Arcadia - Java Minecraft Server

Welcome to Vervain's Arcadia, an adult SMP Minecraft Server for Elite Builders and Redstone Engineers

We are a group of friends who love playing SMP Minecraft with other dedicated players and are wanting to find like-minded people to join us. If you're looking for a serious server with a vibrant and social playerbase, this may be a good home for you!

A showcase of some builds on Vervain's Arcadia

About the server

We are aimed towards mature adults with good experience in building or redstone engineering, who are seeking a similar server to HermitCraft. Membership is completely free with no advertisements, with the costs being covered by its admin and the occasional donation. The map was created in July 2020, and we plan to keep it for as long as the server is running, or until everyone votes to change it. The server is running version 1.16.3 and so the recent updates are all available. Gameplay is like the popular HermitCraft series that you can watch on YouTube, and we recommend you check it out to get an idea of what life is like on our server.

The game difficulty is set to hard and we allow PvP for consensual duels. We consider ourselves a vanilla server with a few datapacks and tweaks to improve multiplayer experience. The current datapacks installed are; One Player Sleep, AFK Display, Armor Stand Statues, More Mob Heads, Player Head Drops, Custom Nether Portals and Coordinates HUD. We also use a few features from Essentials, like the ability to edit your nickname, see help pages and the MOTD, but nothing that takes away from vanilla gameplay. We don't have anything like /tp, /tpa or /sethome, and won't consider adding them.

The current community of players are all adults who come from a variety of countries. We regularly organise times when we can all play together, and sometimes use Discord voice chat to be social and catch up while exploring or building. All players speak English, and players need to have some ability to speak it to join socially, but many members also speak other languages. We like to joke about a little and have a laugh, but still respect other players and their builds. This is a server free of griefers and thieves. We operate a whitelist to keep the community safe and to prevent unwanted intrusions from trolls. We also have a rollback add-on should we ever require it.

This server is open to people of any nationality, sexual orientation and gender, and members must be open minded towards others and respectful at all times. Many of our members are here to enjoy the safe, mature environment that is so rare on most Minecraft multiplayer communities.

Unlike large commercial servers, this isn't for profit. The ultimate motivation for this server is to create a fun and friendly community who all enjoy the game and also get to know each other as friends. We intend to keep the membership size fairly small to maintain a closer experience. Our members are very active, social and get along well, and we aren't really looking for anyone who rarely plays or doesn't wish to be even a little bit social. Players who don't login for more than a couple of months may be removed to keep the community active and vibrant.

As a chilled out group, we avoid anything that stresses or causes offence to other players. The server is home to a variety of different people who may identify or have different beliefs to yourself. It is important that we respect one another at all times to maintain a comfortable, fun experience. Rules on this server are as follows...

  1. You must be 18 or over and a mature individual
  2. Griefing, stealing or changing other players builds is not permitted
  3. Abuse in the game or in chat is not permitted
  4. Any kind of hacking, including the use of hacked clients, x-raying and things not possible in the vanilla client are forbidden.
  5. Duplicating is also forbidden
  6. No advertising of products or services of any kind in-game (streamers may share their links when streaming on the server)

We have a strict zero tolerance policy on the above. Players doing any of these things will be permanently removed. All players deserve a fair and enjoyable experience while playing, and we will not compromise on this for anyone who cheats. It is very important to understand that as a private server, we have zero obligation to let you off with a warning. Trust is of great importance to us. You haven't paid for a service here, it's offered with the above terms for free and is conditional.

An Eco Friendly Server

We are an environmentally conscious group, and our admin has developed special software that puts the server to sleep when nobody is online. This saves lots of electricity that would otherwise be wasted running a service that's not being used. Any member of our community can wake the server up again with a single button, and the server will be ready to accept connections from players in a matter of seconds.

How can I join?

We are currently searching for new members! Like what you've read above? Click the button below and fill out our simple form. If you're successful, we will try to contact you within 24 hours. Please try to tell us as much as you can about what you enjoy doing in Minecraft, it really helps us find the right players for the server.

Before joining, please make sure you've read everything on this page carefully (particularly the rules), and only join if you're fully willing to accept them in their entirety. Once you've filled out the form, we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are looking for players who genuinely love vanilla Minecraft and are seeking other talented, social players to share their creations with.