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Vervain's Arcadia - Arcadia Underground Directory

The Arcadia Underground is a super fast, safe and easy way to move about the world without having to brave the beasts of the night. It is a project to connect the world together and already has multiple stations. We are digging new tunnels all the time, so check back often to see the latest stations available to you!

What is Arcadia Underground?

Images of the Arcadia Underground

Arcadia underground is a growing network of tunnels dug beneath the overworld to facilitate super fast travel in absolute safety. The tunnels are properly lit to avoid spawns, and are designed in a way that makes their use very easy. You can travel at extreme speeds, and move many thousands of blocks in just a few minutes. Stations are built at many busy public spaces, like Spawn and the Shopping District, with smaller stations along the route. These smaller stops are ideal for anyone who would like to build far away from public areas, whilst still being in fast, easy access of them.

How do I use the Service?

It's easy! Firstly, take a look at the map of stations at the bottom of this page, or use our Dynmap to locate stations easily (they are marked with the Compass symbol). Using either, plan your route to where you'd like to go, and then head to your nearest station. Once you've arrived at a station, pick up a boat from a Boat Box on the platform. Many stations have several directions you can travel in, and signs will show you what stations are in which direction. Once you know which way you need to go, step onto the ice road and face the correct direction. Place your boat down as straight as you can, and get in. You can now paddle forwards and will quickly reach a high speed after leaving the station. As you pass through the next stations, blocks will slow you down a bit so you have time to check if you've arrived at the correct station. If not, continue onwards! Once you have arrived, simply get out of your boat and break it. Place the boat back in a Boat Box for others to use, and leave the station via the stairway. It's that simple!

What's at the Stations?

Here's a quick summary of what you can expect to find at some of the stations. There are smaller stations not listed here, but all provide easy access to various biomes and places around the map. If you're searching for a new place to build, harvest resources or just wish to explore the huge world, taking a tour of the network is definitely a great way to find what you're seeking.

World Spawn: A familiar sight to everybody, this is where all new members will first step into the world. Spawn offers easy access to the Netherhub via a portal, as well as the Travelers Inn, and a small building containing a stock of books for using the armour stand editor datapack. Often the rendezvous point for many, spawn is easy to get to from most parts of the world, and anybody who has been here a while knows how to get there quickly.

Communal Food Farm: Once out of spawn, this is the perfect first stop for new members to visit. A large community food farm awaits, where you can stock up on essential food supplies for your journey ahead. This is also home to some beautiful architecture, and your first sight out of the station will be a huge object known as "The Shape". It is rumoured that an ancient civilisation worshipped a deity here, but much of their history is yet undiscovered.

Stronghold: The Stronghold offers access to the End dimension, which you'll want to visit to use the public Enderman farm, or just go on an end busting mission. This stronghold is a publicly accessible one, and often the meeting point for groups wanting to get together for end raids!

Southern Outpost: A perfect place for those who want to get far from spawn and other public areas, but still have access to fast, easy travel. Southern Outpost is surrounded by a large pine forest, as well as two flower forests that can be found further out. This station will be hot territory for those wanting to build big, as there's huge areas of never before explored land here. It's also on a direct line to the Shopping district!

The Causeway: Dropping you in easy access of vast desert, mushroom filled forests and a mountainous region to the south, The Causeway is a great contender for the mega base enthusiast. The expansive spaces are virtually untouched by others, and from the station entrance it takes less than 2 minutes to arrive at the Shopping and Gaming districts.

Shopping District: The Shopping District is a must see area that everyone will visit at some point. Purchasing difficult to find and rare items is easy here, and all items are sold in exchange for diamonds. You'll also find the Gaming District here, an area where many mini-games can be found. The huge stadium just east of the Shopping District houses competitions and challenges for groups wanting to play together. You'll find many incredible builds here, with members putting forward some of their finest work in a bid to flex their building skills!

Map of Arcadia Underground

A map, showing all of the currently available stations on the Arcadia Underground