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Vervainglobal is all about challenging technology to make it do the things you want it to do. With heavy focus on low cost, minimal tools and simplicity, virtually anyone can learn how to create and modify tech to their needs. Articles here focus on both hardware & software, and will teach you how it all works through practical learning. Please note: Third party cookies are used by vervainglobal. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to their use. Learn more here.

About the Author

Vervain, author of

Hi! I'm Vervain. Originally born in England and now living in The Netherlands.

I began this website back in 2012 as a way to teach myself about the internet, web servers and networking. Over the course of its lifetime I've used it as a test bed for a variety of projects and experiments, and it remains alive today to continue to host my new ideas and inventions.

Since my childhood years, I've developed a strong interest in all things techy. It began with electronics and circuit design and ventured out into radio communications, which ultimately fueled an interest in computers and specifically, computer networking.

After many years working in construction and engineering, I finally got my first hands on experience in creating and maintaining a server-client deployment for a bar point of sale system. This allowed me to work into similar areas, including building security, CCTV systems and even stage lighting technologies.

As I've worked more and more with computers, my interest in them has flourished, and I'm ultimately beginning the journey to begin a career in tech. In my spare time I still enjoy tinkering about with both hardware and software. Retro computers and games have become a recent interest to me, as has deploying and hosting various types of server, and creating hardware configurations specifically tailored to them.

While I continue into the next major phase of my life, this site and the hardware behind it will undoubtedly continue to provide me with a testing and working environment for projects.