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Connect to Vervain's Arcadia

Welcome! Here's everything you'll need to connect to our servers. If you have any issues, feel free to give us a shout in the help-and-support🤧 Discord channel!

🚧Before Trying To Connect🚧

All servers at Vervain's Arcadia are whitelisted. If you haven't yet applied to join, you'll need to do so by returning to the Home page and clicking "Apply To Join". Once you've been accepted into the Discord server and given roles, you'll be able to connect to our Minecraft servers.

Vanilla Survival & Creative

🚩 Connect with Java Edition versions - 1.20.4 or higher   -   IP: 🚩

To connect, open the "Multiplayer" option in Minecraft Java Edition, click "Add Server" and then type  into the server address box. The server name can be anything you like, we'd suggest "Vervain's Arcadia". To switch between the servers, use the command listed under their descriptions once logged in!

Proximity voice chat is available on both servers! If you'd like to use this, please download the Simple Voice Chat mod from CurseForge. You'll need to use either Fabric or Forge modloaders for this to work.

Arcadia SMP (1.20.4)

The original and the best! Arcadia has been running for nearly three years, has a huge map with a 50,000 block world border and is home to many hundreds of builds, farms and wacky projects. It has Dynmap and a small selection of QoL mods that keep the vanilla playstyle whilst improving playability. The map will never be reset, but will expand with each major release!

Connect with:  /arcadia

The Creative Server (1.20.4)

A simple creative superflat world for testing your designs and projects before committing to build them in survival. You'll have access to all blocks and a selection of commands to test almost anything. This server is ideal for trying out build ideas with other group members! The map properties can be customised to test different projects as needed.

Connect with:  /creative

Need Help?🤙

If you're having trouble connecting, or have questions about anything else, please reach out to us on the help-and-support🤧 channel in Discord. Our admin is usually around most of the time, and often other members will be able to help. Thank you for joining Vervain's Arcadia! We hope you have a great time here and enjoy the friendly community!