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Hi, I'm Vervain!

I began this website back in 2012 as a way to teach myself about the internet, web servers and networking. Over the course of its lifetime I've used it as a staging point for a variety of projects and experiments, and it continues to thrive today as a host to all my new ideas and inventions.

Since leaving school, I developed a strong interest in all things techy. It started with electronics and circuit design and ventured out into radio communications, which ultimately fueled an interest in computers and specifically, computer networking. After several years of working in construction and engineering, I finally got my first hands on experience in creating and maintaining a server-client deployment for a bar Point of Sale (PoS) system. This allowed me to work into similar areas, including building security, CCTV systems and even DMX512 theatre lighting controls.

In 2019 I took a career break to enjoy the world around me, and travelled to various countries whilst meeting new people. At the end of the year I made the decision to relocate to Amsterdam, where I began a part-time social job which allowed me to meet great new friends and colleagues.

As Covid-19 plagued the beginning of 2020, I began to focus on how to best use the internet to keep communities together. With the purchase of a used HP server, I reconditioned the machine and set up a gaming network for mature adults in minority groups. Running such a service quickly taught me routine administration, database management and community management skills. The group has been growing steadily for several years, and as more users join, the network scales up to meet demand.

My adventure took a new direction in early 2023, when I moved to Manchester, and started a job as a first line support engineer.

After enjoying tech as a hobby for most of my life, I've finally began to turn my passion into a career.


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