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This site features articles about designing and modifying electronics, adaptation of hardware and software, operation of servers and a variety of off-topic subjects that the author wishes to share with the world. If you have a passion for technology and electricity, you'll no doubt enjoy the articles below. This website is free of advertisements, trackers, cookies and any other privacy invading functions. The author supports net neutrality and a private, free internet that doesn't spy on you for profit. Everything here is home-hosted on a Raspberry Pi

Featured Articles

Make Your Own Remote Shutter Control Cable

Make your own remote shutter cable

Just about every modern smartphone comes equipped with a high quality camera, and many phones even come packed with quite a few professional features you'd have only found on expensive DSLR's a few years back. One feature I've always wanted is a remote shutter function. Although cheap and nasty Bluetooth buttons can be found for less than £10 on the big marketplaces, I took a little inspiration from the old selfie sticks that were so common in the early 2010's and decided to make my own high quality, wired remote shutter cable. Here's how: Remote Shutter Control

We Launched a Minecraft Server!

Vervain's Arcadia Minecraft server

We launched a Minecraft Server! It's targeted towards the LGBTQ+ community, but anybody who wants a genuine vanilla experience with a social touch is welcome to join. The server is kept up to date with the latest Java edition, and operates a whitelist to help prevent griefing and trolling. From the end of July it'll be accepting its first connections from new players, and we can't wait to see what weird and fantastic creations people will come up with. The server is also equipped with software to send it to sleep while not being used, and wake it when people are wanting to play, making it more environmentally friendly. Want to know more? Welcome to Vervain's Arcadia Minecraft Server

2020 - Another Great Year for the Cassette Tape?

Cassettes in 2020

You've likely heard about the recent resurgence of vinyl records over the past few years, but you'd be forgiven for not having heard that the cassette too, is making a comeback. Just like vinyl, sales of tapes have increased year on year in Europe and North America since the mid 2010's. In comparison to records, sales of tapes has been much smaller, but there are a variety of reasons why this fad is far from peaking, and why 2020 will be another great year for the return of the cassette: 2020 - Another Great Year for the Cassette Tape?

Build a Telephone Wiretap / Bug

Telephone wiretap

Have you ever needed to capture the conversation on your phone line? Do you need to do it even at times when you aren't home? This simple little circuit will allow you to connect a recording device to your phone line, and monitor it 24/7. No conversation will go unheard! Its simple to build and will take around 30 mins for anyone savvy with a soldering iron to complete. Using Breadboard, you can skip the soldering altogether! Learn more here: Build a Telephone Wiretap

Build a Stand Alone Alternative Energy Setup

Large battery wired to a solar system

This short series will guide you through using solar panels, wind turbines and batteries to create your own stand alone alternative energy setup. Have power available when there is a blackout, or help reduce your electricity costs without spending thousands. This type of setup is easy to put together, and most of the parts can be found second hand or free. Start building here: Build a Stand Alone Power System

How to Make a Custom Gobo for your Spotlight

Bar Milan logo projected onto wall

Have you ever seen one of those spotlights that projects a logo or image onto a wall or the floor and wondered how you could create your own version? Well, now you can learn how to make your own custom image for virtually no cost while achieving an effect that professionals charge hundreds for. Expand your business, impress your friends, or simply make yourself a unique home lighting solution with this cool and simple tutorial. Check it out here: Make a Custom Gobo

Premier Bedside Free Internet How-to

The premier bedside terminal

If you've ever stayed a few days in a hospital, you may have come across the "premier bedside" phone/TV/internet portals. These things give you lots of entertainment for a pretty ugly price. If you are like me, and simply wish to have a high speed internet connection like the one at home, here is a clever trick involving a netbook and a screwdriver that you might like. Its pretty simple to do, and allows you to use a fast, unlimited internet connection on your own machine. Check it out here. Premier Bedside Free Internet How-to