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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

This small, hand-coded site uses nothing but HTML and CSS, as well as some images and other media content. As an advocate for a free and open internet, uses no form of cookies or tracking APIs, and simply serves content to you with no strings attached. Details of the very limited information visible to the web server software are detailed below.

Web Server Logs

A small part of a server log, showing requests for pages on the site

This website is provided to you using the Apache open source web server. As part of its functioning, the software stores some very basic information to allow the correct serving of web pages. This information includes IP addresses, basic information about your browser and operating system, as well as what web page or search engine you may have been referred from. This information is provided by every browser to every web site, and does not provide nearly enough information to personally identify a visitor. This information is used solely by the administrator of vervainglobal, and helps to provide an insight towards useful facts like what pages are most popular, as well as how users find the site. These access logs are strictly private and are securely stored only within the server itself.


This site does not use any form of first or third party cookies.

First party cookies are often used for storing login information, tracking users around the site and other tasks. Nothing on this website requires that. Third party cookies are often used by advertising networks and conglomerate organisations like Facebook and Google to track your actions around the internet to better tailor their advertisements towards you. We're having none of that here! The site doesn't use any advertisements or statistical trackers to see what users do, and so no third party cookies are used when visiting this site.


There are no advertisements used on this site at all. The cost of running everything is covered by the owner.

Terms & Conditions

All content provided on vervainglobal is for informational purposes only. The owner cannot accept any responsibility for injury, damage to personal property, or death, that follows as a result of following information on this site. Common sense and good safety practices are advised at all times.

The owner makes no representations as to the accuracy of information displayed on the site, nor can responsibility be accepted for the validity of information found from external links.

Usage of the vervainglobal site constitutes acceptance of this privacy policy. If you disagree with the policy in any way, it is recommended that you use your back button to return to your point of origin..... Still here? Fantastic! Please enjoy the site :-)