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Donate to Vervain's Arcadia

Are you able to help support the server? Learn why your input matters and how you can encourage our small community to grow and develop!

A great library in Vervain's Arcadia SMP, built in the servers early days and still standing today

Support Our Server's Growth And Community

Every donation, no matter how large or small, helps Vervain's Arcadia to keep its servers running reliably and smoothly. Since beginning in July 2020, we've developed into a close-knit, friendly and thriving community. From the beginning, we've focused on quality over quantity, and can proudly say that griefers & trolls don't exist here. We've worked hard to keep the server uptime near one hundred percent, and have gone to great lengths to bring exciting mini-game events and competitions to the community.

Each month, we have to pay bills to keep the servers running, and every event we set up requires more server resources. Our admins devote many hours of their personal time each week to maintain and monitor the servers, carefully check new players to make sure they're a good match, set up events and even code custom scripts & plugins to bring us quirky gameplay. If you're able to, we'd greatly appreciate your help in continuing this work into the future! 💖

We're Here To Stay! 🌈

From the very start, we set out to create a long term, LGBTQ+ safe community that will be here for many years to come. We believe that servers like ours need to exist in a world where many of us are still afraid to be our true selves. Vervain's Arcadia is a place that you can fully relax in without needing to worry about what others may think, no matter how you identify or who you love. Large communities don't compare to a group like ours, where we remain small enough to make close friends whilst still having enough people to regularly play together.

For several years, we've maintained our community and SMP world, where even the very first builds still stand today. We want to continue thriving and growing together, and by donating to Vervain's Arcadia, you'll help to keep this safe space available to everyone. For those who want a "forever home" in Minecraft, the original SMP world will always be there, and your builds will stand proud for years to come. We'll also strive to bring new and interesting mini-games to the community, and with your help, more of these events can be organised and funded.

Become A VIP Member!

As a thank you gesture for your help & support, you'll be presented with a VIP Discord rank, as well as an in-game VIP prefix on our vanilla SMP. Alongside this, you'll have access to a few extra features reserved exclusively for donators! Every donor will receive a shout-out in our VIP-hall-of-fame Discord channel! Check out the extra features that donors receive below!

For donations of up to £15, your VIP rank will last for 3 months. For donations of £15 or above, it'll last for 6 months!

Free Heads From Head Database 👸

As a VIP member, you'll have access to an unlimited amount of heads on Arcadia SMP from our Head Database plugin, completely free! For normal players, each head costs them diamonds. For those who like to decorate their builds with these exciting and beautiful heads, this perk alone can really help save time and diamonds! Head Database can be accessed by anyone on Arcadia SMP by typing /hdb.

Hat Command 🎩

A silly classic that many servers offer to VIP players is the hat command, and you can use this on our Arcadia SMP server. This allows you to place almost any item on your head! Although purely cosmetic in nature, it's a unique way to show off your status. To use the hat command, first hold an item in your hand that you wish to wear. Type /hat into chat, and the item should appear on your head! Please make sure you remove your helmet, or any other item on your head, before doing this!

Spectator Mode 🔎

VIP members have access to a special Spectator Mode on Arcadia SMP! This allows you to easily take impressive screenshots of your work, check an area for build suitability, and create better content for your streams or videos. You'll be able to spectate up to 128 blocks away from where you were standing, and will be returned to where you stood once spectator mode is exited. To use Spectator Mode in Arcadia SMP, type /s in chat to toggle it on and off!

A Warm & Fuzzy Feeling Inside 🔥

Above everything else listed here, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you've helped our wonderful community! Minecraft brings us all together in a safe and friendly environment, and your donation will help keep the server alive and well for the coming months. Thank you so much for your support, we wouldn't be here today without the help of our donors. You rock!

How Can I Donate?

We currently accept donations via PayPal. The amount you wish to donate is entirely up to you, and you'll be presented with your VIP rank within 24 hours of us receiving your donation. Your help is hugely appreciated, and we cannot thank you enough for helping our community continue to play together into the future.

Important!!! Please remember to include your Minecraft username that you use on Vervain's Arcadia when making your donation. If you do not include this, we won't know who to grant the rank to. Should you wish to make an anonymous donation, please let us know. For legal reasons, we only accept donations from current members of the community.

💖To make a donation, please contact the server owner "Ninety" via Discord 💖

Please note: Asides from the above listed features, donating players do not gain access to anything that gives a competitive edge or bypasses standard gameplay. Vervain's Arcadia stands against pay2win behaviours, and we will never penalise any member who hasn't made a donation. Donors are not granted any form of immunity from the rules, and will be punished in the same way should they break them. Please only donate if you're in a comfortable financial position, and doing so wouldn't cause you any form of hardship. Donations cannot be refunded, so please make sure you're absolutely comfortable and willing to support us.

Vervain's Arcadia is not a business, but rather a passion project run by the server owner in their spare time. Thus far, much of the costs of operating the servers has been paid for from their own pocket, with donations here and there to help. Should donations ever exceed the running costs of the server, the community will be invited to vote on how the surplus should be spent. All donations received will wholly be reinvested into the servers running costs, future hardware upgrades, and periodic competitions where players may receive a real world prize.

Thank you for your help!