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Welcome to the World Map of Vervain's Arcadia

Use the slide-out menu on the right of the map to switch between the Overworld, Nether and End. Hover over map marker pins to learn more about them.

Want to look at our expanding underground ice road network? Take a look here and see a map of all available stations: Arcadia Underground

📌Help Us Find Arcadia's Hidden Gems!📌 We are trying to document all of the builds and farms around Arcadia, particularly those left behind by old players. If you see something interesting on the map, please consider submitting the coordinates in our #smp-archival Discord channel! Relevant places will get marked with a 🟦 blue flag, indicating it's a site that players can explore. Please don't alter or take items from these sites. If you'd like your base to be included, please feel free to submit it!