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Vervainglobal is all about challenging technology to make it do the things you want it to do. With heavy focus on low cost, minimal tools and simplicity, virtually anyone can learn how to create and modify tech to their needs. Articles here focus on both hardware and software hacking, and will teach you how it all works through practical learning. Please note: Third party cookies are used by vervainglobal. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to their use. Learn more here.

Featured Tech

Build a telephone wiretap / bug

Telephone wiretap

Have you ever needed to capture the conversation on your phone line? Do you need to do it even at times when you aren't home? This simple little circuit will allow you to connect a recording device to your phone line, and monitor it 24/7. No conversation will go unheard! Its simple to build and will take around 30 mins for a solder savvy hacker to complete. Using Breadboard, you can skip the soldering all together! Learn more here: Build a telephone wiretap

Build a DIY touch screen POS system

A variety of used touch screen tills.

Touch screen ePOS systems are a powerful and easy upgrade from the old traditional till. They allow for many features like remote stock management, automated re-ordering and advanced record keeping. They also happen to come with a rather hefty price tag when purchased new. This article presents an alternative DIY setup that allows you to have your own touch screen system for a tiny fraction of the cost of a leased solution. The setup shown here is a real operational system used in a bar. Learn how it was done here: Build a DIY touch screen POS system

Build a stand alone alternative energy setup

Large battery wired to a solar system

This short series will guide you through using solar panels, wind turbines and batteries to create your own stand alone alternative energy setup. Have power available when there is a blackout, or help reduce your electricity costs without spending thousands. This type of setup is easy to put together, and most of the parts can be found second hand or free. Start building here: Build a stand alone power system

How to make a custom Gobo for your spotlight

Bar Milan logo projected onto wall

Ever seen those spotlights that project a logo or image onto a wall. Well, now you can learn how to make your own custom image for virtually no cost while achieving an effect that professionals charge hundreds for. Expand your business, impress your friends, or simply make yourself a unique home lighting solution with this cool and simple tutorial. Check it out here: Make a custom Gobo

Finding a persons position on Grindr, Hornet, Jack'd etc

Triangulation on a map

A quick guide on using the "show distance" feature in many social and dating apps to actually find a persons approximate location. We learn how to take a persons distance and trilaterate it to locate them. This powerful method has been used by mobile phone companies and the authourities for many years, and is surprisingly easy to deploy. Nothing more than your smartphone and an hour or two to spare is needed. Learn how here: Finding a persons location on social and dating apps

Veho Muvi micro DV camera review

The Veho Muvi micro DV camera

Some time ago I purchased myself a Veho Muvi micro camcorder. After posting a video on YouTube and getting a fair amount of questions in the comments, I decided to write an article about it. This handy little camera has some great uses and its low price point means you can place it in some pretty adventurous places without having to worry about potentially losing a lot of money. Check out the review here. Veho muvi micro DV camera review

Premier bedside hospital terminal hack

The premier bedside terminal

If you've ever stayed a few days in a hospital, you may have come across the "premier bedside" phone/TV/internet portals. These things give you lots of entertainment for a pretty ugly price. If you are like me, and simply wish to have a high speed internet connection like the one at home, here is a hack involving a netbook and a screwdriver that you might like. Its pretty simple to do, and allows you to use a fast, unlimited internet connection on your own machine. Check it out here. Premier bedside hospital terminal hack