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Legal Notice for the Bar Milan and Zone history articles

This notice refers to the publications which can be found at and This notice was added to the articles upon threatened legal action from one of the former directors of the featured establishments in the stated articles.

Upon review of the Defamation Act 2013 by consultation of legal advice, the aforementioned articles in which the truncated history of the Bar Milan and Zone drinking establishments, it has been deemed that none of the content featured within such articles falls into a category of which a successful legal case of libel could be raised against the publisher. Such a case would require statements made to have been of a false nature, of a malicious nature, or of an unduly graphic or exposing nature. The story pertained within the aforementioned articles is based on reasonable evidence as well as the honest opinion of its author. Neither article contains evidence of or actual falsified claims or statements. The articles serve as an historic reference for the townspeople and interested parties who wish to seek further information about the now dissolved drinking establishments that were so iconic in shaping the future of Bury St Edmunds.

It is also noted that the full names of involved parties have been redacted for the protection of their future privacy. First names remain intact.