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Stand alone battery power system rundown

This page shows off a basic emergency or stand alone power system, charged by solar power. An easily available car battery is used for energy storage, and an inverter steps the voltage and current up to something suitable for operating mains appliances.

Components explained

The board shown below contains everything necessary to control and automatically charge your battery system. Each and every component has its importance, and although not all of them are completely necessary, they will make things easier. Everything on the board is available cheaply, and you may even be able to beg, borrow or steal some of it. This system will give you an emergency backup when the power fails, or just a source of alternative energy.

A control board for a stand alone battery back-up system. The labels show who does what.

That's pretty much all there is on a basic stand alone system. Once installed, the solar panels and charge controller will keep your battery topped up ready for that power cut, or just to help reduce you electricity bill a little. Could this system run your whole house? Of course not. Unless you have nothing more than a couple of lights of mobile phones. If you enjoy building this setup, you'll almost certainly add to it over time though. An extra solar panel now and then, another battery. Soon, you'll have a significant amount of electricity to play with!

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