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Vervainglobal is all about challenging technology to make it do the things you want it to do. With heavy focus on low cost, minimal tools and simplicity, virtually anyone can learn how to create and modify tech to their needs. Articles here focus on both hardware and software hacking, and will teach you how it all works through practical learning. Please note: Third party cookies are used by vervainglobal. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to their use. Learn more here.

Featured Entries

Hi! I'm Vervain. Welcome to the blogging part of the site. Unlike the main area, this is where I talk about crazy stuff like feelings, dreams and even crazier shizzle like love and relationships. You've been warned ;-) If you dig that stuff, read on my friend. These are just a few of my favourites, I decided to keep the darkest ones locked away. These babes are a much easier read. But anyway, crack open a post and start a journey into my totally bonkers mind!

Root Access

Blog post, 14th March 2018

14th March 2018. "The human brain, like an un-patched game". It used to be a daily thing, then I changed my environment and things got a lot better. Then recently it's come back with quite a vengeance. It seems although I can't change the way the code runs, I can change the environment in which it runs in. Read the theory Here.

When Your Tutor Doesn't Believe

Blog post, 11th February 2016

11th February 2016. Often, life shows you little things, sometimes when you are in great need. You might not always use them right away, but perhaps years later they will help you. In future times when the person who showed you something no longer believes, it can be saddening to know that the lessons didn't really teach, like they taught you. Read more Here.

The Truth About Being Open With Your Feelings

Blog post, 29th September 2015

29th September 2015. I worked hard to be as open and honest as possible, to everybody who asked or showed concern. I began to speak about things like the intense sadness, the even more intense highs and the borderline like traits that shape each decision and choice I make. But is it for the better, or for worse? Read more Here.

Achieving The Unthinkable

Blog post, 29th July 2015

29th July 2015. So the other night something incredible happened. Erm no, I didn't win the lottery. Or a holiday. I didn't win anything, okay?!? Well, I suppose you could say I won a little extra happiness, and it has made my life easier and more enjoyable. Not to mention teaching me to trust again. Read about it Here.

Don't slow down, for you'll get left behind

Blog post, 13th June 2015

13th June 2015. Its gone one in the morning on a Friday night, but unlike the rest of the world, I'm not out getting hammered. With a deep confusion settled like fog on my mind, I'm struggling to figure out what comes next. Read more Here.

Dream Diary - 04th April 2015

Blog post, 04th April 2015

04th April 2015. So I've decided to go back to a few of my old ways, and start recording my dreams again. This was quite a strong dream, and left me feeling a bit empty after waking up. The feelings I have in this dream are ones I've felt in real life, but only once (Seraphim). Read more Here.

The Times Are A Changin'

Blog post, 08th March 2015

08th March 2015. This entry forms a nice little update on what is essentially my release from the emotional prison that I "served" in for two years. Life is going great, and finally my sub-conscious is beginning to tackle the past trauma. Read more Here.

Dreams Of A First Love

Blog post, 04th January 2014

04th January 2014. Wehaay, first post of 2014! Hope you all had a smashing New year. With the next annum rolling out in front of me, I am plagued by flashbacks and memories of "year one". That is, my first year in my new found sexuality and a lot of lessons that really set the foundation for all of this! Read more Here.

Grindr And The Monogamous Relationship

Blog post, 14th December 2013

14th December 2013. But increasingly we seem to be getting guys in relationships edging their way into this dark underworld, bleating on that they are "Just here to make friends". LULZ. You ain't foolin' no one. Pretty soon this guy goes and meets one of these "friends", alone... Read more Here.